Continuing on the Legacy of Over 30 Years of Experience

Fabrication, Welding, Structural Steel & Metal Repair Services

Continuing on the legacy of over 30 years of experience and applying a combination of persistence, system development and team building, Mountain Metals has established itself as North Idaho's leader in Structural and Ornamental metal fabrication. Our combination of experience and equipment offers a wide range of solutions for consistent on time projects of the highest quality standards.

Contact us at (208) 263-6031 in Ponderay, ID.

Our expertise in design, scheduling, and quality control allows us to offer the following:

Shop drawing packages allowing greater flexibility and visual assurance for the contractor, interior designer, engineer or home owner.

A proven in-house quality control system assures that projects are built to print before leaving our facility resulting in less down time for crews and delays for contractors and home owners.

Scheduled on time performance allowing for lower overall project costs.

Very often, our customers find that bringing us in at the design stage can lead to dramatic cost savings. We are eager to work with you at the early development of your project to find ways to save time and money, give us a call today and let us be your partner for a successful project.

Vision Statement

Consistent high quality through team building and documented system development.